SA Health and Fitness industry veteran Steve Murray, Physiotherapist and Functional Medicine Practitioner, Jenny Hague and Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Academic Dr. Georgia Torres, leverage over 80 years in clinical, functional and preventative healthcare, corporate wellness and elite athlete conditioning.

What we do


We Prevent Treat and Reverse Chronic Disease.

Chronic diseases of lifestyle are responsible for 80% of all deaths and yet most are not only preventable, but also treatable and reversible with Lifestyle Change. Our 16 week, Functional Medicine directed programmes consist of cutting edge diagnostics that get to the root cause of disease, personalised Lifestyle Change and health coaching 

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Rehabilitation After Moderate Or Severe Covid-19.

The need for holistic rehabilitation of COVID-19 survivors has been identified as a major challenge facing healthcare providers. Our 5 stage medically directed programme will ensure your safe return to normal life, activity or sport.

Medical Team

Health Coaching.

For an affordable fee, you can participate in  a comprehensive one-on-one, telephonic online or face to face health coaching programme, to assist you manage an existing health condition or the risk factors for chronic illness, lose weight safely and keep it off, get more active, healthier and manage the stress in  your life.